Chillout Nights

‘Chillout nights’ is a new and specific method for working with youth. It turned out as a best practice. Youth street workers on a program Choose yourself which deals with negative consequences of alcohol use among young people, gather at the main square of capital city of Slovenia every friday night and work with young people who are drinking there before they go to clubs.

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Unity goes international, but what is it doing there?
See where all the organisations are from that are active with Connecting PINSSee where all the organisations are from that are active with Connecting PINS

Unity is one of the organisations involved in the Connecting PINS project. It was established in 1996 in Amsterdam as a drugs and alcohol harm reduction project. An important part of projects like Unity is to keep people informed about the activities it does.  Carl-Cyril co-authored a piece about some of the international efforts Unity undertakes.

By meeting in exchanges like this, you can clearly see how different organizations can be, but you also immediately notice the many similarities. The biggest similarity is surely how open-minded, unprejudiced and involved in the community everyone is. After the meetings in Paris, our minds were full of new ideas and plans and we were inspired to improve our work in the Netherlands.

Click here to read the full article on the Unity website.

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Be prepared for summer festivals
May 24, 2016

“What do I need to take on a summer festivals?”. To help you with a planning for coming summer festivals, we prepared short list of must have items and some tips for better staying.

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Evaluation of the Kosmicare Project at Boom Festival
September 18, 2015
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Kosmicare project implements crisis intervention in situations related to the use of psychoactive substances at Boom Festival (Portugal). We present evaluation research that aims to contribute to the transformation of the project into an evidence-based intervention model. It relies on harm reduction and risk minimization principles, crisis intervention models, and Grof’s psychedelic psychotherapy approach for crisis intervention in situations related to unsupervised use of psychedelics.

Crisis Intervention Related to the Use of Psychoactive Substances in Recreational Settings – Evaluating the Kosmicare Project at Boom Festival



Managing drug use at your event
September 17, 2015
Tha fast is, a pragmatic approach to managing drug use at events can save lives. Not only this, but integrating thoughtful, comprehensive services for alcohol and other drug use will be appreciated by your patrons and, with the right communication, your host community.
Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings
September 17, 2015

Guidlines for concerts, events and organized gatherings.

The purpose of this resource is to identify basic standards and safety measures for event organisers which are necessary to satisfy authorities such as local government, police, Department of the Environment and Conservation and emergency service organisations. The guidelines are intended to prescribe requirements for events and concerts to ensure that venues are safe for patrons, do not disturb neighbouring properties and provide uniformity throughout WA.