Mobile application DrogApp
DrogApp 2.0DrogApp 2.0

With help of the PINS project Association DrogArt renewed their informative harm reduction mobile application DrogApp. New concept of the application enables easier editing of the content for the organization and easier implementation of the application to be used by other organizations in other languages or also on other fields of working with young people, where part of the youth work is providing different information and knowledge about specific topics, in order to raise awareness and spread knowledge or information about it. It can be also used as a learning tool or educational support, when there’s a need for a youth worker to acces quickly to some specific information (in our case about drug harm reduction, but in other cases also about other relevant topic, not necessarily on the field of health or well-being).

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Unity question quizzes
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Unity question quizzesAt Unity we work with short 4-5 multiple-choice question quizzes that visitors at the stand can fill in to test their knowledge. We have quizzes for most of the popular drugs like: speed, MDMA, 4-FA, ketamine, cannabis, alcohol, coke, psychedelics, etc.

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4FA english flyer
October 25, 2016
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At the end of 2016 several organisations in the Netherlands have given a warning about 4-FA use. In the past months DIMS has noticed an increase in health issues related to 4-FA use. Some people have been experiencing long lasting headaches, brain bleeds.

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PINS info cards

For the BOOM intervention we prepared info material in a form of info cards. We took the idea from Crew2000, where they use those cards on lanyards. There are many cards each one for different substance or other harm reduction topic. The design for most of them was also made by Crew2000, for BOOM needs we add some new ones (LSD, mental health, Amphetamine, Basic life support). The idea behind was, that people who came to our info stand pick the cards they have interest in and pin them together with a book ring as you can see on the picture. Read more

Cooling fans

In order to have new and inovative info material on Boom festival, we took a good practice from Energy Control, where they are distributing cooling fans made our of carton on parties and festivals. We tried to take into account all the most important harm reduction messages in connection to Boom festival. So we decided for the following harm reduction messages which are vital for hot and dry enviroment as it is on Boom festival:

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Women party hike

With idea from Energy Control flyer about women and drugs, DrogArt made a short version of the most important tips on how to party with less risk and more fun. You are all welcome to use this flyer for your project/organization use as well with a design. For further information you can contact DrogArt organization on

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