2015-07-17 23.45.31Youth / peer workers are an important part of youth work in nightlife prevention for young people, because they can approach their peers more easily than adult experts, beside that they are often partygoers themselves and know different nightlife environments and dynamics well. With appropriate knowledge and skills they can contribute an important part to qualitative changes on different levels of nightlife. On the other hand, nightlife, parties and music festivals are an important part of life of young people in general. It’s a setting where they can socialize and grow their social capital, relax, get new experiences and also be creative and express themselves in different ways (creating music, performing visual arts, dancing, …). But it’s also a setting related to variety of risks, connected with alcohol and drug use, unsafe sex, intoxicated driving, risky environment (for example high temperature in the club). We see the risks also as an opportunity for young people to act responsibly in order to reduce risks and encourage them to be critical to unsafe party environments and develop solidarity and helping skills towards other young people in trouble. Interventions in nightlife settings are also a field where different profession profiles meet and share their expertise and knowledge (for example medical staff, social workers and pedagogues, youth workers, chemists, psychologists), therefore there are a lot of opportunities for peer workers to get some insight in their work and non-formal knowledge and experience on those topics, which can be useful for their future personal and professional development. The international aspect of nightlife is also important, as we also meet people from other countries during our work (Erasmus students, tourists, international visitors of festivals and parties, …). Furthermore we see international networking as an opportunity to make an effective experience, knowledge and good practice exchange. In our experience, international cooperations always brought new ideas to our organisation and help us to improve our work.

Main projects objectives: — to create a peer-community in order to exchange and share information, knowledge and experience for peer workers and youth work trainers, discuss opportunities for joint projects – proposals, progress and continuation of projects once funding runs out, share opportunities and coordinate international field work on festivals and parties.

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