Be prepared for summer festivals
May 24, 2016

“What do I need to take on a summer festivals?”. To help you with a planning for coming summer festivals, we prepared short list of must have items and some tips for better staying.

Must have items:

  • For preparing food you will need a portable stove, gas, and some dishes and pots.
  • Take care of your wellbeing and dietary needs with food that is not going to go bad straight away, can whitstand the temperatures, is easy to make and is easy for your stomach, such as cereal, nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, cans (that can be kept at room temperatures, also be careful that you it everything at once, or at least put it in a clean dish, somewhere cool, otherwise it will go bad).
  • First aid: bandages for smaller injuries, some Aspirin, some stomach pills, vitamins, suncream, mosquito repellant, anti-bacteria gel or wet wipes, sun burns cream, rehydration powder,…
  • Constant sun exposure will not have positive side effects for your body, so make sure to bring a hat to cover your head and remember to apply suncream.
  • If you’re going to a foregin country for a festival, don’t forget international health insurance.
  • Don’t forget water andย  water bottles, so you can refill tham later.
  • Toilet paper (pretty self explanatory).
  • Flash light.
  • Because the weather can be very unpredictable, don’t forget extra shoes and clothing, some sweaters and maybe a rain coat/anorak/plastic bag to put over your body so you stay dry.
  • Ear plugs.

Tips for a better stay:

  • Find a little place of your own under a tree, if possible in a more quiet location, so you will be able to sleep longer and better.
  • Take your friends with you. It’s always more fun with friends, but in case you’re not able to convince any of your friends to come with you, a festival is a great opportunity to meet new people. If possible, stick to them and enjoy the festival together. Also have a meeting point designated, in case you get lost and can’t reach any of your friends on their phones.
  • When you arrive to the festival take a look around and orient yourself, so you’ll know where you can go for help (information centre, medical crew,…)
  • Put your valuables somewhere safe.
  • Board games can make your afternoons more fun.
  • Mark your tent with a flag or something, so it’s easy to find, because at night it’s a lot more comlicated to find your location, and like this you can maybe avoid waking up next to a stranger ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Because you’re eco friendly, make sure your trash will be put where it belongs

And most importantly, make sure to have a great time at the festival and don’t forget the tips for lessening the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol. Stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚