Unity question quizzes

Unity question quizzesAt Unity we work with short 4-5 multiple-choice question quizzes that visitors at the stand can fill in to test their knowledge. We have quizzes for most of the popular drugs like: speed, MDMA, 4-FA, ketamine, cannabis, alcohol, coke, psychedelics, etc.

One of the ‘issues’ we’ve noticed is that even those 4 short questions can be ‘to much’ for people. Furthermore, you can’t really walk around at a festival with these and have people easily fill it in (you need a table or something to write on). That is why we’ve come up with a way of still being able to ‘quiz’ people, but in an approachable way. We’ve made cards with on every one a single question. This means that you can easily start and end a conversation without getting half filled in questionnaires. And when people want to do more questions then that is really easy too.

Our pilot has been really successful. So that is why we’re going to use the PINS budget to get sets made of (harder) plastic and with better graphics.

You can find question cards in English here: Unity question quizzes

And question cards in Dutch here: Unity question quizzes 2