SoundArt awareness campaign

SoundArt is a common Awareness campaign with DrogArt and Dj-anes/Dj-s. We want to raise awareness of less risking parties and also awareness of the music. We create soundcloud profile where artist can publish their music, with our message how to reduce risk while going to a party. Beside soundcloud account we also publish a leaflet about general harm reduction and drugs harm reduction guidelines. We packed leaflets in a paper cd jacket leaving space for the future to change leaflet with possible soundArt cd.

There are many positive effects that music brings to our lives. It takes us into the world of emotional depths, opens detectable attention. It affects the biological mechanisms in the brain and it can act like some psychoactive substances without the risk of any serious harmful consequences. Reach the path to explore many marvellous musical genres, experiment with them and develop your musical taste.

We have contributed some material for listening that you may find on our Soundcloud profile.

Do you feel an inspiration to contribute your own sound ? Please contact us:

SoundArt leaflet in pdf version