PINS info cards

For the BOOM intervention we prepared info material in a form of info cards. We took the idea from Crew2000, where they use those cards on lanyards. There are many cards each one for different substance or other harm reduction topic. The design for most of them was also made by Crew2000, for BOOM needs we add some new ones (LSD, mental health, Amphetamine, Basic life support). The idea behind was, that people who came to our info stand pick the cards they have interest in and pin them together with a book ring as you can see on the picture.

materialYou are more than welcome to reuse the cards, you can find them in the attachement. For putting cards togheter we use book rings as they were the most cheap solution, but having lanyards is also very cool as party goers can put them around their heads and not lose them.

For better quality of pdf info cards, please contact me on

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