Mobile application DrogApp

With help of the PINS project Association DrogArt renewed their informative harm reduction mobile application DrogApp. New concept of the application enables easier editing of the content for the organization and easier implementation of the application to be used by other organizations in other languages or also on other fields of working with young people, where part of the youth work is providing different information and knowledge about specific topics, in order to raise awareness and spread knowledge or information about it. It can be also used as a learning tool or educational support, when there’s a need for a youth worker to acces quickly to some specific information (in our case about drug harm reduction, but in other cases also about other relevant topic, not necessarily on the field of health or well-being).

DrogApp provides information about drugs and risks connected with their use, harm reduction advice, information about possible health complications and emergencies and basic first aid protocols in case of those emergencies. Application also provides alerts about highly dangerous substances or adulterants. The content of the application is informative, user him- or herself is responsible for the use of provided information.

At the moment application is available only in Slovene language and to Slovene users of Android system. It can be downloaded for free on Google play. If any organization is interested in translating it and adapting it for use in their country, please contact us on simona[at]