How to hold effective and efficient meetings

How to hold effective and efficient meetings by Unity for the PINS project.

Here are the 9 rules we go by:
Rule #1: Make an agenda of the topics you are going to discuss. This also needs to be sent in advance.
Rule #2: Communicate the date and time of the meeting to all participants in advance.
Rule #3: Decide on a chairperson and a minutes secretary (this person writes down what has been discusses and sends the transcript to the participants within a reasonable time.
Rule #4: The chairperson keeps the meeting orderly and structured. When the discussion of a subject is finished. The chairperson will move on to the next subject.
Rule #5: With meetings it is very wise to occasionally have a break. This is to let participants blow off some steam and fill up on coffee or tea.
Rule #6: Variety in meetings is important. With Unity we believe strongly in sharing knowledge. That is why sometimes peers get the opportunity to do presentations.
Rule #7: In this meeting we discussed the year plan of 2015 and whether we had reached our targets or not. The year plan for 2016 was also presented.
Rule #8: Reward the people that work hard for the cause. With Unity we have an election for the golden peer every year. You can vote on the peer that according to you has had the most (positive) impact on the project.
Rule #9: After a meeting there should be time to relax and maybe review the meeting in a nice atmosphere and unwind a bit.