Evaluation of youth learning in PINS project
December 15, 2016

One of the aims of PINS project was also to enhance key competences of the youth peer workers, included in the project. Evaluation team performed a systematic evaluation of gained knowledge and skills in two different groups. One was formed of peers attending learning mobiliy (training and intervention at Boom festival) and the other was evalution with group of seven peer representatives, who were included in the PINS more intensively. Below you can find the questiones we used in the (online) questionnaires and results of the evaluation.

Evaluation with participants on the learning mobility (Boom training and intervention)

Questions for Measuring Key Competencies – Learning Mobility

Learning Mobility Evaluation Results


Evaluation with the peer representatives in the PINS project

Questions for Measuring Key Competencies – Peer Representatives

Peer Representatives Key Competencies Results


More information about the evaluation in youth work in general you can find in the publication Educational Evaluation in Youth Work, which helped us to prepare the evaluation.