Cooling fans

In order to have new and inovative info material on Boom festival, we took a good practice from Energy Control, where they are distributing cooling fans made our of carton on parties and festivals. We tried to take into account all the most important harm reduction messages in connection to Boom festival. So we decided for the following harm reduction messages which are vital for hot and dry enviroment as it is on Boom festival:

  • Apply sunscreen to prevent sun burns.
  • Drink enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • Don’t stay too long on a sun, rest in a shade and cool down.
  • Safe sex is sexy, use a condom.
  • Get to know your surroundings and select a meeting point in case you get lost or you lose your friends
  • Test drugs yourself or use a drug checking service and consider the warnings.
  • Know your drugs, know your limits.
  • If you use drugs, also use clean equipment (E.g. straws).
  • Use earplugs to prevent hearing damage and to have some good night sleep.
  • Eat well- your body needs nutrients for partying!
  • Don’t drive anything under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Recover before driving home.
  • Don’t mix drugs, let the DJ mix for you.

The front side of cooling fan present 4 chosen harm reduction messages, which can be seen also for other users close to those using the fan. The idea was taken from EDM song with lyrics EAT – SLEEP – RAVE – REPEAT, but instead of those words we use EAT (eat well) – KNOW (know your substances) – H2O (hydration) – AIRFLOW (cooling down and take some rest). Also the design in closely connected to the message of the content.

The PDF file is available here.