Chillout zone ‘Let’s break the prejudices’

“Choose yourself” is DrogArt harm reduction project with main focus on the most popular drug among young people in Slovenia – alcohol.

Our ‘Choose yourself’ team gathered on 27th of May at Kongresni square in the capital of Slovenia for a special Chillout zone. The event took place as a part of the first Youth week in Ljubljana. Different youth organizations organised events for young people. The main theme was about refugees.

We involved young people who were drinking in public space into making graffiti about prejudices. They were really excited that they could participate in such way. Besides the art part we had a special social game about refugees, which was kindly landed to us by The Amnesty International Slovenia organisation. We explored the life of refugees through a game. Also we had a special quiz about famous people who left their country because of war or violence.

It seemed quite interesting that a lot of young people claimed to have no prejudices, while through conversation they realised that they do have them. There is no doubt about the importance of talking with youth about prejudices.

It is vital to continue with this kind of street work in order to give young people space for their verbal and non-verbal expression of thoughts and feelings about important life topics.

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Author: Manca Bizjak