PINS at BOOM 2016
September 6, 2016

lakeOn the late hours of the 8th of August, the PINS team finally arrived to BOOM land, after one day in the magnificent Porto and one day traveling to our final destination for the next 10 days. BOOM festival is one of the most well-known psytrance music festivals in the world. It takes place every two years at a lake next to Idanha-a-nova (Portugal), gathering around 40.000 people. Read more

Chillout Nights

‘Chillout nights’ is a new and specific method for working with youth. It turned out as a best practice. Youth street workers on a program Choose yourself which deals with negative consequences of alcohol use among young people, gather at the main square of capital city of Slovenia every friday night and work with young people who are drinking there before they go to clubs.

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Peer Exchange Guidance
exchange manual

A peer exchange is a great way to share knowledge across organization and countries. There is a lot of great work being done in lots of different areas and creating a pool of skills, knowledge and best practice.

This guide should help you in deciding if a peer exchange is right for you and your organization, what to consider as a host or as an organization sending peer(s) and how to select a peer. We also prepare for you peer exchange form for collecting all important data from peers before exchange and short questionnaire.

Peer Exchange Guidance

Peer Exchange Form and Questionnaire


Chillout zone ‘Let’s break the prejudices’

“Choose yourself” is DrogArt harm reduction project with main focus on the most popular drug among young people in Slovenia – alcohol.

Our ‘Choose yourself’ team gathered on 27th of May at Kongresni square in the capital of Slovenia for a special Chillout zone. The event took place as a part of the first Youth week in Ljubljana. Different youth organizations organised events for young people. The main theme was about refugees. Read more

Prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, and treatment of substance use in young people
June 2, 2016
article icon

An article about reviewing the effectivnes of different  approches for young people using psyhoactive substances. The whole article unfortunatlly is not free. It is available on following link: Prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, and treatment of substance use in young people Read more

Women party hike

With idea from Energy Control flyer about women and drugs, DrogArt made a short version of the most important tips on how to party with less risk and more fun. You are all welcome to use this flyer for your project/organization use as well with a design. For further information you can contact DrogArt organization on

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Be prepared for summer festivals
May 24, 2016

“What do I need to take on a summer festivals?”. To help you with a planning for coming summer festivals, we prepared short list of must have items and some tips for better staying.

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SoundArt awareness campaign

SoundArt is a common Awareness campaign with DrogArt and Dj-anes/Dj-s. We want to raise awareness of less risking parties and also awareness of the music. We create soundcloud profile where artist can publish their music, with our message how to reduce risk while going to a party. Beside soundcloud account we also publish a leaflet about general harm reduction and drugs harm reduction guidelines. We packed leaflets in a paper cd jacket leaving space for the future to change leaflet with possible soundArt cd.

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