Dear harm reduction enthusiasts

in July of 2015 six harm reduction organization came together for a project with the goal of connecting and improving Peer Intervention in Nightlife Settings on EU level also known as the PINS project. Hereby I would like to invite the peers of your organization to join this network and thus being part of this EU wide initiative. In this letter I will explain the PINS project in further detail and provide some information on how to become part of it.

There are already a few initiative to connect drugs harm reduction organizations in Europe, like NEWNET/NEWIP and Safer Nightlife. While these initiative are invaluable to share (policy) knowledge in Europe these meetings are on an administrative level. At the peer-to-peer level the amount of interconnectivity is low. This is where this project comes in. The PINS project is an EU Erasmus plus project with 7 involved organizations Drogart (Slovenia), Checkin (Portugal), Crew2000 (Scotland), DrugScouts (Germany), Energy Control (Spain), Safe’n Sound (Belgium) and Unity (Netherlands). The main goal is to create a platform for ‘connecting and improving Peer Intervention in Nightlife Settings on EU level’.

The platform will be used for the following needs:

  • To create peers community.
  • Exchange and share information, knowledge and experience.
  • Discuss opportunities for joint projects.
  • Coordinate international field work on festivals and parties.
  • Represent peer work in nightlife settings as important part of youth work.


Communication tool forum is closed for public, so for full usage of the platform, you have to be a peer of one of the harm reduction organizations. To become part of this European peers community, you will have to do following things:

  1. Choose a person within your organization who will be responsible for authentication of your peers and other information regarding your organization.
  2. Provide basic information about your organization with some important contacts and logo.
  3. Invite your peers to join the web platform, after the registration please send the usernames of the peers to, so we can confirm and accept them on the page.